Our Mission

Harvest Gardens is a small company with a big mission - reconnecting people with their food. Our team works with families, schools and businesses to bring food production back into the forefront of everyday life by creating edible landscapes in familiar places. We believe healthy, delicious food is central to high quality of life. We also believe that food tastes the best, and is best for you when you watch it grow. 


Meet the Team


The Harvest Gardens team is led and loved by Asher and Ruthie Blair. Asher has been growing food in his backyard for most of his life and is passionate about equipping others to do the same. He leads our designs, builds and services with a green thumb and lots of muscles.

Ruthie loves food so much that she studied it in college. She thinks it’s just short of magic that the best food we can put in our body can be grown straight from ground. While Asher directs projects on the ground, Ruthie steers the business from her computer. But speaking of steering- she could give you a run for your money on a skid steer. 

The rest of the Harvest Gardens team is composed of skilled contractors that help us make our custom designs a reality. 

Here's what we've been up to...